Triviafrog.com is a place to hang out in between trivia contests, your next session of trivia madness online or to fill that twenty-three and a half hour void between Jeopardy.

I am particularly fond of “cross-over entertainment trivia” – Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Portrayed in Movies, Singers Who Won Oscars. NFL Players Who Became TV stars. Stand Up Comedians Who Got TV shows etc.

With the exceptions of reference type stuff like: U.S. Presidents and State Capitals, I try to make unique articles like Real People Mentioned in Beatles songs and Actors who died during a TV series run.

This is my hobby and I hope you enjoy it.

There will be some advertising here. I don’t plan to make much, it’s an interesting aspect of creating websites. There will never be any pop-up advertising on this website ever.

I started this concept in 2004 with a wiki and it was too unstable and I gave up on it and tried other formats. Some of the contents of this site are from that first wiki. Part of this website was previously a website for people born in 1960 and actually holds up well for those of us born that year, often called Baby Boomers.

I have launched and scrapped this many times. Now hopefully I have a stable foundation of and a stable theme and the site should grow for years to come. Cheers. admin a.k.a TriviaFrog.

What is a trivia frog?

Triviafrogs are people who love trivia. See, frogs always seem to have big smiles. Frogs have big eyes that see everything. Frogs have the ability to quickly capture something small from a large environment like a tiny fly off a big rock.Triviafrogs are pleased by otherwise insignificant things so they smile alot. Triviafrogs have big eyes and they see alot and read alot. Triviafrogs have the ability to recognize otherwise trivial things in large articles, movies, TV shows etc.

If you’ve ever said something like: “Hey look! Danny Masterson plays Steven Hyde on That 70’s show! And his real life brother is Christopher Masterson who plays Francis on Malcom in the Middle!” and that made you smile, you just might be a triviafrog.

If you read this much you are either a triviafrog or a triviafrog in denial. Feelin’ froggie? Jump in! Use the contact form and say hi. Make a comment on any article. And if you think you can contribute something regular like, I’ll make you an author. If you really can write alot of stuff, I’ll help you with adding your own adsense, or affiliate ad codes to the articles you give the site for a potentially revenue baring endeavor. Thanks for visiting and enjoy.


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